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A Little Kindness Can Go A Long Way

We are a dedicated mix of mothers, advocates, and professionals, who have navigated a mental health system that is forever constructing more and more barriers to break through to seek help. 

It is not equal, nor fair. It is not accessible to all, nor appropriate for all.  

With nowhere else to turn for help, we all looked inward and thought, “The system is all wrong. It is way too complicated. These young adults are one step away from succeeding and reaching their full potential.

Everyone wants to be heard. Everyone wants to be loved. Everyone wants respect.     


Why not build our own healing transitional community, for these individuals, and meet them where they are, to get them where they deserve to be?

And so Kindness Heals Here was born.


To support neurodivergent young men, 18+ ,to find their purpose in life. We are committed to meeting them where they are, and treating them holistically as individuals, not by their diagnosis. They will receive an individualized healing plan that focuses on their intellectual, social, emotional, physical and spiritual selves. Our healing community will provide either a stepping stone to independence or a place to call home where kindness will always prevail.


 We envision a world where young adults struggling to find their life’s purpose are defined by their potential, not their behavior, and are treated with kindness, compassion, and respect, not blindness.

What is Neurodivergent?

When someone describes an individual as neurodiverent,  it means that they experience and interact in the world differently than others do, who are the same age.  Their brains have developed differently, therefore they have different strengths and challenges.

These individual’s challenges impact their mental health, neurological health, and physical health. They have been labeled with a variety of neurological conditions, learning challenges, and developmental disorders which present themselves in behaviors ranging from embarrassing, unacceptable, to criminal, when placed in situations that they are unable to navigate.   Recent research has shown that despite the multiple labels, and misdiagnosis, they are a result of the distinct and unique ways in which each individual’s brain is wired.

Today, this is referred to as Neurodiversity.                                                                 

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What is Neurodiversity?

“Judy Singer, an Australian sociologist, coined the word “neurodiversity” in 1998 to recognize that everyone’s brain develops in a unique way.”  

While brain development is much the same, no two person’s brain functions alike. Everyone has a different way in which they process information, learn and experience the world. This includes all cognitive functioning, executive functioning, the nervous system and sensory areas.

These differences aren’t deficits, and aren’t inferior to “neurotypical” brains. Being called “neurodivergent”, is just another way to say this person’s brain works differently than a “neurotypical” person’s brain works.

Some of us are neurotypical, some are not. Neither is better or worse than the other. Just different in the ways we educate, accept, and celebrate individuality.

YET, individuals labeled as being neurodivergent, have been judged all of their lives not by the uniqueness of their brains, but by their behavior.

It’s time for all of us to start listening with our ears, instead of judging with our eyes.

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Our Programs and Services Are Designed To Enhance Their Lives in Ways They Never Thought Possible.


Mentorship and Coaching

Life Skills Training

Nutritional Education

Fitness Training

Holistic Therapies

Community Service Focused

Animal Assisted Activities


Our Goals and Values:

  • We are committed to providing support for young men, based on a holistic healing plan, for which they are the leaders.
  • We value the input of families, professionals and friends.
  • We value dedication, resiliency, hard work and accountability as cornerstones of our being.
  • We believe everything has a root cause, and we will not stop until we find it.
  • We value honesty and collaboration on all levels to provide real world data to be used for further education, training and research.
  • We trust our partners within the criminal justice system, schools, treatment centers, hospitals and the community, to show how our young adults are better served with kindness rather than blindness.
  • Our goal is to provide a safe, compassionate environment, whereby everyone can find their purpose.
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